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About Sarah


Photography has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember, Maybe it stems from my mothers love of catching all the important moments of her family on film or my grandfather long career behind the camera, what ever the reason Im sure glad it rub off on me.

My roots are in Kentucky ( GO WILDCATS!!) but the Coast Guard brought me to the east coast, where I decided to marry my husband,leave the Coast Guard and go to school; where I earned my bachelors in business and my associates in photographic technology and eastern NC is mow where I consider home. Although photography started off as a hobby, I have been lucky and fortunate enough to be able to pursue it as a career as well.

I have an amazing, supportive husband, Three crazy, beautiful, wild children. I love all things food, camping, ocean ( really any large body of water that can fit a boat ) UK basketball and did I say food? oh and of course coffee!

I would love to be that person behind the camera catching all the important little moments for your family so send me and email or give me a call and we can get together! I specialize In family and wedding photography, and although I live on the coast I have family all over and love to travel!